Preview pictures in edit mode

YES - this! Images are the only reason why I have a Preview pane open on the side.

With all the cool CSS hacks in many of the community themes, it’s really comfortable to work in editor mode, EXCEPT for image previews!

I agree that this is the #1 most important feature request.


I’ll throw my hat in the ring and second the solution that @brian23498324 advocated.

The ctrl+hover [[link]] works OK, but it’s tiny, lacks context of other images. It also doesn’t seem to work well or consistently with standard markdown [link](url) syntax, which I rely on for image handling, since I’m currently using Typora to handle images due to how clunky it is in Obsidian.

Finally, when pasting images, I would love the filenames to have image000111222.png formatting rather than pasted image with spaces 000111222.png formatting. Lack of spaces just makes all references easier.

Hello everyone,

I just finished a plugin, which helps to view the images in the Editor. I see that some of you also needed such a function :slight_smile:

You can manually download from my repo below:

I already created a request to add the plugin to the community plugins, however, you can use the plugin files by downloading the project and pasting the folder into “.obsidian/plugins”. The plugin will be visible in the Obsidian so that you can enable and use it.

I still need to do a few more updates so that plugin works with all possible versions of images. However, I described a few options of settings under my repo so that it works fine for the moment.

Hope it will be useful. Please let me know if you encounter any kind of issue :slight_smile:


@ozan Works for me, thanks!

@captaincaed In this topic, this reques will likely be lost. The similar has been requested for audio recordings in Timestamp-filenames in Audio Recorder similarly to naming pasted images
That request was implemented with spaces in filenames, likely for consistency with naming scheme for images. I would suggest creating separate request focused on removing spaces from filenames for both: pasted_images and audio_recordings for consistency. Then add link to the request from your post above please. I would vote for it.

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This is great. Thank you!

This is part of the new live preview in 0.13.x

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