Preview or test space for Publish

Use case or problem

The rendering of Obsidian Publish is different from Obsidian Preview (some css rules, some plugins not working), so one can’t always see the result of a change before it is published.
This may result in buggy/ugly behaviour made visible to the public.

Proposed solutions


  • Enable a development / testing space on localhost to test the rendering of notes before they are made available on Obsidian Publish
  • or have a toggable mode in Preview with the same limitations as Obsidian Publish, and using publish.css instead of current style (probably easier)

Current workaround (optional)

Make changes at 2 AM when nobody’s looking?

Related feature requests (optional)

None I can think of.
But after browsing all FR related to Publish I’m sad that so many valuable ones are not implemented. Publish is a paid feature but I have the feeling it now lags far behind Obsidian core :frowning:


I wonder if this is more possible now that we have “open in new window” …

You could open a window in “publish preview” mode… maybe with a setting to dictate the theme. Given it is a new window, the different layout and options and controls would make more sense than it would have as a preview within the main window…

Reviving this.

Since the change to Themes in 1.0, and the Publish changes earlier this year, this becomes even more needed for developers who do not have Publish to be able to be able to adapt their theme to it.

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