Preview Mode Text Box to accept input (Forms)

I understand that Preview Mode is intended to be a Publishing preview for essentially a webpage, but I think its clear that most people are not publishing.

Therefore, the Preview Mode become more of a GUI.

A big missing feature then is the ability to Enter information into a Text Box while in Preview Mode and for that info to be saved into the Edit Mode in the proper syntax, or to extend the concept, to a Form.

I know the WYSIWYG editors are coming, but that is only half the issue. People are going to want non-edit mode input options.

Think of Edit Mode as HTML and Preview Mode as your Web Page. You need text fields to enter information while in the web page mode. Its a GUI.

This is the reason why I submitted another request for Preview Mode LOCK on a Note Level, as I think people are using Obsidian for far more than it was intended. Its becoming more of a personal web page, or personal App, that you take notes within. We are quickly moving beyond the command line.

Think how great it would be if you were creating a Note for a Book, but the Note was a Preview Mode FORM with nice fields and text boxes and Save and Edit buttons. Edit Mode is for suckas!

This is all optional of course.

If that isn’t the direction Obsidian wants to go, I understand, but Dataview is just the beginning of this can of worms. I’m sure you have considered these ideas. Just putting it out there for discussion.