Preview Mermaid diagram while typing

I use Mermaid diagrams a lot. I previously used Typora, which handles them in a much more elegant way. I can edit the mermaid code while a live preview displays beneath it. In Obsidian, I can edit the code then have to click out of it to see the result, and then go back into edit mode.

Is there a way that I can open a side-by-side view or something where I can see the raw markdown on the left and a preview on the right? Or ideally to display the live preview inline like Typora does?

Thank you

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i’ve noticed that too and sometimes i have to click well outside of the code block to trigger the display update. I guess the issue with this is that while you are writing the code, its occasionally invalid so the display would just be error messages. In typora the error messages would pop up until the code was valid again. not a showstopper though.

You can split the current note (in the right or in the bottom).
Then you can type the code in one tab in source mode and for display purposes the other one in reading view.


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