Preview-Editor space left-right

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Widen the editor and Preview by not being in the centre.
I tried a css but it didn’t work

To better understand what you want, please disable that css, show the default result, clarify if you use any theme…

I am not using this CSS,
this CSS is what I did try

See on the photo, there are gaps left and right of the editor ( same on preview )
I would like to remove those gaps.

I did try the CSS on the original post but no luck
Looking for help on a CSS that removes that gaps on editor and preview

The text is so small… Do you use some zoom?
Do you try Settings > Editor > “Readable line length”?

sorry for the small font, I have my screen resolution on high quality, getting the most of those pixels …

Indeed this is the solution, I had the readable length activated… just deactivated and its all working !
thanks a lot

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