Prev/Next Daily Notes Hotkey - Recognize Specific Notes

The Prev/Next Daily Notes hotkey is a subtle game-changer. Thank you.

The current limitation is that it only works for notes like 2020-07-01 and not notes like 2020-07-01 Specific Note, even if both notes live in the same folder. What would it take to allow for this functionality?

In Roam, people put everything in each day’s note (it seems), so it’s not as important (I gather). However, in Obsidian, if I have a specific note (like a Speech, Workout, Idea, Letter, quality Journal, etc), I would likely want to separate it from the daily note. In my head, it deserves to be its own note. The benefit comes with super-useful hashtag searches of course! :wink: Here’s a screengrab of a hashtag search for #story
Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.57.03 PM

If I’m trying to use the the subtly awesome Prev/Next Daily Notes hotkey, they would skip over notes created the very same day—and I would miss out on valuable temporal context.

I mean, I’d like to see 2020-07-01 Blog - Why penguins waddle and 2020-07-01 Letter - To Mom as well as the daily note 2020-07-01 as I toggle through using this super awesome hotkey.

So if I was using the hotkey to toggle backwards in time it would go like:
2020-07-01 Letter - To Mom
2020-07-01 Blog - Why penguins waddle
And the reverse order if I was traveling forwards in time using the hotkey

This request is related and expands upon the functionality added from this request:


this is not implemented right?

That’s correct, it’s not implemented