Pretty Links?

I have a lot of notes that have “Pretty Links” in the format:

[[pretty|some big long ugly filename here]]

where the link just looks like [[pretty]] but actually leads to the [[some big long ugly filename here]] link.

Is there an already existing way to get this to work for my thousands of files with this format, or do I have to do some major grep/sed text file surgery?

I don’t know whether it can help you, but this is an extract from Obsidian Help:

To make the link display different text than its real note name in Preview, use the vertical pipe (`Shift+|` ) For example: [Custom Link Name in Preview!]( This can be combined with linking to headers, as in [Example of Folding](

In addition to what welstand suggested with markdown links, I think the syntax is reversed for wiki links:

[[my file| a super duper long title that is what will be show as a link in preview]]

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Yeah, I’m coming from Tiddlywiki and they do their pretty links backwards from traditional markdown…

And @welstand , thanks for that, I’ll look at that later today :slight_smile:

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