Pressing Tab makes a quote

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What I’m trying to do

Indent. But when I press tab it makes a quote (highlighted in yellow)

Things I have tried

That’s not a quote, it’s a code block. In Markdown, indenting a paragraph marks it as code. You can indent by 3 or fewer spaces without marking as code, but it’s only a convenience for editing — the indentation won’t appear in reading view.


Oh I see. Thanks.

But it happens even on a single line. I see Youtubers indenting and indets without adding any line, which is what I want. It tried turning off theme in case it was the theme.

It sounds like you may want to turn off Settings > Editor > Show indentation guides.

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Yep, that got rid of the line alright.

It still makes a shaded block though when I indent even single sentence.

Is that normal behaviour of the software? I find that a bit strange, because if I wanted to shade the block, I could could quote.

If it also changes the font, that’s because indentation creates code blocks, as I explained earlier.

What are you using indentation to indicate? Maybe a bullet list would work for it.

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Yes, the indent works perfect in bullet lists. Thanks.

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