Pressing enter to "exit" callout environment

Use case or problem

When I’m editing a callout (for example, an Abstract callout), I’d like the ability to go to live preview mode for that block with a hotkey, like CMD + Enter. This is inspired from the jupyter notebook functionality where, after editing a markdown codeblock, you can display it by pressing CMD+enter, without having to go to the end. This would make the editing workflow much smoother, especially playing well with the live preview.

Proposed solution

Have functionality (using hotkeys with enter) to auto display the callout. When inside the block (as referenced by the “>” characters), the hotkey would have the same function as being on the last line and pressing “Enter”.

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround. Tried using the tabout plugin (GitHub - phibr0/obsidian-tabout: A port of VSCode's Tabout for Obsidian.), but was finnicky and did not work with callout/admonition environments.

Related feature requests (optional)