Pressing enter should reduce the list indent level on an empty list item

Pressing the enter button on an empty indented bullet point should decrease the indent instead of removing the bullet point entirely


Edited the title to make clear what the request was at a glance!

I also would like to have this feature!
Lots of other editors have it, so to me it feels like an unspoken standard.

I pretty frequently break out of a list by accident because this behavior is so committed to memory. +1 for this.

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Muscle memory has also caused me some frustration with this.

Nonetheless I’d be conflicted about that change:


  • Shift + Tab can already be used to decrease list indentation
  • Hitting Enter is currently the only option to escape a list (that I’m aware of) while automatically deleting the empty list item


  • Enter (especially right after hitting enter to start a new list item) is a much more ergonomic option compared to Shift Tab
  • Shift + Enter currently escapes the list while leaving an empty list item, which is essentially useless, and therefore could be made the new shortcut to the current Enter behavior for smart indentation