Press enter after parentheses, or quotation marks to exit these (just like the [[ ]] for links)

Use case or problem

When inputting parenthesees or quotation marks I like the option that it autocompletes the close version of that (though sometimes the quotation marks don’t work and when I put a “close-quotation-mark” next to a word it thinks I’m opening one and gives me two, but that’s a separate issue), but I was wondering if there was an option to hit enter and then have the cursor exit the parentheses.

This works perfectly with the linking double square parentheses, so you’re typing a link, then hit enter and can continue typing outside of the brackets.

This is not a huge problem, just something that would make for a neat addition as it’s a slight annoyance having to either use the mouse or the arrow keys to navigate outside of the parentheses or quotation marks.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can just type the the close parentheses, close quotes, etc. even though the editor shows that they are already there. At least on Windows this will replace the automatically created auto paired formatting thus exiting cursor out without mouse or arrows.

That being said, if you are requesting the ability to type an open parentheses, type your text, then be able to press Enter to exit and keep the auto paired parentheses (or other formatting), I would definitely agree that that would be helpful. Maybe it could also be set so that if you typed an open parentheses (or other formatting) then pressed Enter without having typed any text, it would delete the auto paired close parentheses while keeping the open.

In terms of the situation where you just want to type one quotation mark, underscore, etc., you can use the delete key to delete the next character ahead of the cursor thus exiting you from the auto pairing and removing the extra unneeded formatting.


Hi, yes, I forgot to mention that you could just manually close the parentheses, but then I don’t really see the point in the automatic function to do that? Or is that just to remind you while e.g. programming that you need a close?

Re: deleting, yes that is also an option, but it seems that sometimes when I delete one of the marks it deletes both.

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Using the Delete keys while cursor is within the empty auto paired quotes (or other formatting) seems to always works for me.

However, you are right, when using the Backspace key that it will delete the character before the cursor thus removing the paired formatting character as well. So in this particular instance, the Delete key is the way to go.


Someone in the Obsidian community told me about this plugin that might help: GitHub - phibr0/obsidian-tabout: A port of VSCode's Tabout for Obsidian.

It allows you to use Tab to jump to the end of an auto-completing quote/bracket/italic etc.

Thanks, I completely forgot about this :slight_smile: I’ve been using Tabout since I found out about it, and it was recently updated to work in Live Preview mode.