Preserve existing capitalization when inserting alias

Use case or problem

Suppose I have a page called “computer” and I have an alias “laptop”. If I type [[Lapt, Obsidian suggests [[computer|laptop]]. This is the right page, but the problem is that I tried to capitalize “Laptop” but Obsidian will remove it because the alias is all lowercased. This is somewhat problematic when a page is the first word of a sentence because then I have to go back and correct the capitalization.

Proposed solution

Some sort of “smart case” behavior for aliases. If the alias is stored as all-lowercase, then that means it’s probably an ordinary English word and the user is probably fine with the first letter being capitalized. Given that, I think Obsidian should preserve the capitalization of the alias as typed by the user. So if I type “Lapt” then Obsidian should insert [[computer|Laptop]], and I type “LAPT” then maybe [[computer|LAPTOP]].

Again, this “smart case” logic should only be applied to all-lowercase aliases. For example, the capitalization of proper nouns is important, so an alias like “Microsoft” shouldn’t become lowercased just because I typed [[micro.

Current workaround (optional)

Add both a capitalized and lowercased version of each alias.


There are already similar threads (at least one).
What I do is have the capitalized versions as defaults and I have various Apply Pattern regex replacement commands on my Editing Toolbar icon set to cater for all kinds of cases with aliases, removals of them, etc.
But I like the smart case behaviour suggestion. Let the app check with regex ^|[.?!] when a Wikilink (with or without an alias) is made and capitalize the filename/first word in filename reference.
Fingers crossed :wink:

Yes please