Presentation Mode Bugs in 0.13.x Builds

macOS 12.1; Obsidian 0.13.7; Comfort Color Dark theme:

With recent builds, most of 0.13, I’m experiencing consistent Presentation Mode erratic behavior, particularly with editing and cursor placement:

If I launch a presentation and begin it, once I exit, I can no longer:

  • place cursor anywhere in presentation;
  • or only in parts; for example, I can only move cursor and edit from current slide toward beginning of presentation vs. toward end;
  • if I can place cursor elsewhere, it’s random: I can in some slides but not others;
  • or cursor will get stuck on slide separator line, 3 dashes

Changing from Edit to Read mode helps occasionally. Quitting and relaunching app helps, but the pattern returns as soon as I try more than one edit.

Don’t know if this could be theme dependent. I see similar patterns when testing Minimal but haven’t tried others.

Expected behavior is that I can edit any part of presentation at any time regardless of previous use or from which slide I exited presentation. I can share screencast if useful.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Please, Post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.