Presentation as Prezi or focusky

  • switch view (zoom in or out to special size) freely
  • present in specified sequences



Good idea, excalidraw has a script for presentations, pretty easy to setup. Would be nice on canvas

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This plugin, with Canvas, might bring the prezi experience into Obsidian


I write a CSS snippet to create a transparent card. I think that combing it with the plugin is helpful to get a Prezi-like result. Using a transparent style, you can insert an image without any file name and create transparent cards on the part which you want to focus on the image. Then you can use the plugin to focus on the image and the cards.

The disadvantages are:

  • You need to make the image large enough to get a better view
  • It may be difficult to adjust the size of transparent cards as they cannot be seen.

Hi there, thanks for this snippet! It makes the card itself invisible but the text in the card that gets created by the Presentation plugin, e.g. Slide: d088f948bf51ada8 is still visible. Is there a way to make the text in these cards invisible too? Thanks :slight_smile:

I would really love this to happen, instead of clicking the slides into right order, just use the arrows between cards/notes on canvas to create the slide order in the presentation.

Even better, do not create a slide order at all.
Just declare a master note and then
just follow the outgoing arrows interactively
in the presentation using the arrow keys.

Also, when zoomed into one slide, I would like the surroundings of the slide to be blurred out, to some degree.

Add this: .canvas-node-content.markdown-embed {
    visibility: hidden;

However, all cards with color-1 will have invisible content and this is not the purpose of the snippet. After all, the card created by the Presentation plugin will not affect your presentation. Maybe ask the plugin creator to store these tags, e.g. Slide: d088f948bf51ada8 with json format in the plugin directory instead of directly in Canvas.

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