Prerendering a whole document

Hello, I have a longer document, full of embedded references to other md files and pdfs. When I open this file, it lazy loads the files as I scroll down. While this is a nice feature for longer documents, it really messes with my navigation, especially when having a structure like a TOC, which allows you to jump quickly between points of interest in the document. This is especially helpful, as I have a single long document with many concepts I jump between, that I need to reference or edit.

Is there a way, to tell obsidian, to just eager load all the documents? Either via yaml, or if not currently supported, is it possible to go through each embedding in a document, and force it to load, when entering the document? I tried creating a plugin using the YAML approach, but couldn’t find the right api to correctly load the embedded md and pdfs.

Kind regards.

I think not, as it’s part of the render engines way to handle larger documents. I’ve seen some discussions related to this when dealing with floating info boxes (and similar concepts), and none of them have mentioned any options related to keeping it all loaded at all times.

Some options related to using javascript to forcefully keep parts of it loaded do exist, but I’ve not seen options for pre-rendering all of the longer documents.

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