Preference to use new window instead of new pane

Use case or problem

The new window feature is great, but there’s very little easy ways to access it. Everything in Obsidian (especially keyboard shortcuts) is still designed to be used with panes instead of windows. Panes suck and I’ve only ever made use of them because Electron didn’t support multiple windows. Now we can remedy this!

Proposed solution

  1. Have a preference option to use windows instead of panes.
  2. All keyboard commands related to panes would now work with windows instead, eg:
    a) Cmd+Enter on an item in the quick switcher opens in a new window instead of a new pane
    b) Cmd+Click on a link opens in a new window instead of a new pane
    c) etc.

Current workaround (optional)

None, so far. Everything requires a lot of clicks and steps.


Instead of a preference, may I suggest just more shortcuts; e.g. adding Shift+ to the normal keyboard shortcuts. That way, the user can decide every time whether to open in a new pane or a new window

I agree with @obsequious . Whether I want to open a note in an existing pane, a new pane, or in a new window depends on what I’m working on at the time.

It depends on one’s workflow. I would never want to open in a pane now that we have windows. I’ll only ever want to open in new windows.

The issue is that this pane-based workflow is so entrenched in Obsidian now. I would essentially want all the functionality that used to be mapped to panes to instead map to windows.

Having to hold down an additional modifier to make all the pane related actions window related actions means we’re gonna run out of fingers and modifier keys :smiley:

The point is that everything workflow wise in obsidian is designed for panes. Windows is a new feature and currently works as an additional sprinkle on top. It would be cleaner to just replace the entire pane based workflow with a window based one for those who would prefer that.

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I would also strongly prefer having a toggle in the settings! This is the only thing keeping me in Bear :slight_smile: