Preference or default behavior - Cursor / current line on the Top

Requesting a preference or default behavior to have the cursor / current line on the top of the page to save us all from neck issues #ergonomic

Having that would make sure the head is always looking forward instead of looking down.

There is request for Typewriter scrolling
to keep edited location more centered in screen. Position of edited line could be adjustable or be kept within some limits (e.g. middle third of the pane height), to avoid frequent jumping of cursor

Keeping edited line completely at the top would hide valuable context since we usually write from top to bottom.
(solution:) If this context is not needed, then we can create low-profile pane near the top of the screen.

From neck issues I assume, you work on laptop which has likely even the screen upper edge too low.
This can be solved by connecting to external monitor, eventually on stand. - having also the advantage of larger workspace #ergonomic