Posting to Wordpress from Obsidian?

This has been discussed in a couple of places on the forums and I’m interested in an update. Has anyone figured out a good way to post from Obsidian to Wordpress, including images?

I thought I’d found a workaround here but it only worked once.


Right now I just write it in Obsidian and copy and paste the full article in WordPress. The formatting works decent since WordPress natively supports markdown formatting.

I’m currently using Ulysses–part of my SetApp subscription on the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

But now I’m wondering if I can cut-and-paste rich text, including images, from Obsidian to Wordpress.

Time to experiment!

I’ll move this to #get-help since it seems more a question than a feature request. If you did intend to make one, could you please use the suggested template? Thanks!

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