Posting a new theme — Did I do everything correctly?

Hi all,

I’ve prepared an appearance theme in a Github repos. I’ve followed this walkthrough. It was 3 days ago and nothing seems to happen, I don’t see my theme in the official list. Maybe it’s normal because of the Easter week-end ? I don’t know.

As I’m NOT AT ALL familiar with Github and its tools, I’m not sure at all that I did everything correctly. How can I check ? Could maybe someone help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Olivier :-{)

The Easter weekend is a likely factor. You should be able to see your pull request at Pull requests · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub (as you can see, there are many others).

Thank you for your answer, that’s exactly the information I was missing.
I see my request there. I just have to be patient, then…

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