Post to Mastodon plugin?

Has anyone built a plugin that allows posting from Obsidian directly to Mastodon? (A parallel to Christian B. B. Houmann’s NoteTweet plugin.) This would be sweet!

Agiletortoise recently posted a Post to Mastodon Drafts action that works nicely posting from Drafts app (macOS, iOS) to Mastodon.


That would be great. For my uses having the Drafts action to play with (Post to Fedi, send to Obsidian) is great, thank you.

Can I also recommend that it’s called something more accurate like Post to Fediverse or ActivityPub Poster? Mastodon is but one piece of software that uses ActivityPub.

Definitely interested – came here looking to see if anyone was working on such a thing. I’m not a dev, so it won’t be me… but following this space with interest.

A brief bit of discussion on the topic with Dave Winer (of RSS fame) over here, in case any useful tidbits: Dave Winer ☘️: "@[email protected] -- if people were open…" - Mastodon