Possiblie to view local 3D model inside a note?

What I’m trying to do

Is there a known way to view my 3D files in my Obsidian notes?

Preferably offline.
Preferably ‘easy’ to add to notes over and over again.
File format doesn’t matter too much, I can convert my meshes to almost anything.

Things I have tried

Sketchfab is often recommended but this is an online solution, and a public one. Both aren’t desirable to me.

I have tried the github STL markdown code demo but I couldn’t get it to work inside Obsidian.

Example of it working on github here:

I saw the following discussion topic but it looks like only an online solution exists, specifically that the model file needs to be hosted somewhere, not suitable for a local file.

This has long been a note-taking holy grail for me. TempleOS had a few flaws but I always loved the ease that 3D was incorporated everywhere.

You can load local files, but plugins need to handle this loading internally.

Check Obsidians changelog why local url aren’t supported anymore

Ok. So I take it there is no common way to slap a 3D model into my notes without a plugin?

Probably not.
Anyway it can’t hurt if you experiment with obsidian uri or iframes(just start a search in here)
I myself don’t use them so this is all i can tell you. If you find a solution, I’d be great if you would share your findings :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the info, I will be poking around a bit when I have time to see if I can get some sort of 3D embedding working. This was step one to see how far I have to dive in.

Thank you. I don’t know if this is a solution exactly but it answers what I need to know so I’ll mark it as such.

Yeah, I guess there’s not much info out in the web on how to embed 3d in markdown, but this makes research interesting.
I stumbled over a promising 3d viewer:

Next step is to make a plugin, because iframe embeds online data and uris would need some parser to display 3d, however such features are highly unlikely to be supported now and in future. Most pkm people i know use Obsidian to write…

You should have more luck asking on Discord’s Obsidian member group, under extensions > plugins

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