Possible to use article name in subfolder field of attachments?

So like many people here I am having some challenges dealing with attached images to my notes. What I think would solve my problem good enough would be if I could use the option:

but instead of setting the subfolder to _assets, I’d like to set it to _assets/$notename

where basically when I drag an image into a note, it will end up in a subfolder with the same name as the note, but under the local _assets folder.

Any possibility of something like that? Putting them all in a giant assets folder gets confusing pretty soon, when you delete a note, the attachments aren’t deleted so before you know it there will be a lot of stragglers. If I move a note from one place to another, its hard to know which image files are the ones that either have to be moved also or the MD updated. But if there is an asset subfolder like that, the two things can be easily moved to another place or optionally deleted when the note is deleted, etc… Well anyone have any other ideas about this…Love obsidian in so many ways, but this has been challenging.

There is no option for that built in. I believe there may be a feature request for it that you could upvote. The “Consistent attachments and links” plugin might do part of what you want.

I think this is the feature request you’re looking for. Use the current note name in the attachment subfolder name - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

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Dynamic variables in all areas in Obsidian (complete with variables like $inlink, $outlink, etc.) is the next level in Obsidian.

It’s not too hard to build queries connecting images to notes, and secondary to then make queries showing orphan images. So I wouldn’t stress this too much, as you’re able to locate the extraneous images rather easily.

I’m wondering if not the janitor plugin have some commands/routine to locate these already.

On the flip side, if you had a script or some system to move images according to the note name. What would you do if it was used from multiple notes? Which folder to choose? And if the note of the chosen folder is deleted, should you then delete the image as well since the note is deleted?

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s better to have an automatic system to detect the orphans/stragglers, instead of a system which is hard to maintain or keep updated as images move around or are used in many notes.

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