Possible to toggle settings without opening the settings?


Is there a way to toggle settings from some kind of command line or command palette? There are some settings I need to have on and off here and there like readable line length

I know I can open the settings page with a shortcut etc but I am not always in that particular section.

No and such plugin to change settings using some uri scheme would be quite useless since different vaults can be used to encapsulate different set of settings. You can use Shell commands plugin to define shell commands that operate json files in .obsidian folder. The concept of toggling settings on-the-fly isn’t possible in Obsidian since usually settings are loaded at vault startup.

Advanced URI plugin can be used for settings navigation.

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I see. Thanks for the solutions. I will give them a try.

For specifically Readable line length (with that setting toggled on), you could make a snippet alone in a .css file:

body {
    --file-line-width: 100%;

and use https://github.com/deathau/snippet-commands-obsidian to set a hotkey and trigger it with that.

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Thanks but I do not see where and how the snippets are installed and used in the doc.

Apologies, I should have included the link on how to make snippets:

Thanks I already have the snippets but I do not know how this snippets plugin integrates with it.

Enable that in Appearance (the toggle on the right) to test it, but it should show up as a hotkey you can assign.

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Thanks, that is pretty clear now. The toggle just loked like a clone of the original…

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