Possible to sync on iOS simultaneously with Obsidian Sync and Google Drive

What I’m trying to do

My question: can I configure the Obsidian iOS app to use Obsidian Sync and also Google Drive simultaneously?

I have read the clear warning about combining sync services yet still I would like to cross the streams, because I have a particular purpose in mind.

Specifically, I’m trying to setup Obsidian so that I have a vault which syncs across a macOS, iPadOS, iOS, and ChromeOS system. However, on the ChromeOS system, I don’t want to run Obsidian. There I want to access the vault folder directly with other applications.

I presume I could build this setup by using Google Drive to sync everywhere. But then I expect relatively slow and unreliable sync on iOS, based on my past experience with Google Drive as a File Provider on those platforms.

I could also do this by using Obsidian Sync on the Apple platforms, and then also installing Google Drive on my Mac and putting the vault in a folder managed by Google Drive. However, then the sync to ChromeOS will happen only as often as I run my Mac. And I open my iPhone much more frequently.

So this seems to leave the configuration I am contemplating: setup iOS as the platform that runs both sync services. Is this possible?

Things I have tried

I searched the forums, the help docs, and reddit for notes on synchronization.

I’ve also looked at the iOS app’s settings, but I didn’t find anything clearly relevant.

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I think this is the best you can do.

You can’t sync Obsidian with Google Drive on iOS. The Remotely Save plugin may support it someday but it doesn’t yet.