Possible to set 'files' above 'folders' in ordering?

If I understand correctly, entities are ordered alphabetically; however, entities of type ‘Folder’ always come above entities of type ‘File’ – is there a way to reverse this?

Use-case: I am using an ‘inbox’ and a ‘toc’ file to navigate ‘into one of many folders’ – but the result is that I have to scroll to the bottom of the folders to find the table of contents. WDYT?


Here’s my workaround.
I created a single main toc file that lists all my TOC files automatically with the dataview plugin. If a TOC is added somewhere, dataview picks it up, so my main TOC page is always up to date with all TOCs.

I then put a link to that main TOC page in my Homepage, that I leave open in the right pane (the one that collapses).

The result is that when I need to navigate, I just hover over my TOC link in the (always open) Homepage, it displays a preview of ALL tocs, I hover over the TOC I want and it previews all the pages in that particular TOC and then I click on the page I’m looking for.

The main advantage with this is that it doesn’t matter where you keep your individal folder TOC files, dataview assembles them all in one up-to-date file.

Maybe something like this will work for you. Screenshot of the steps.

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