Possible to see more text per 'mention' in the 'linked mentions' pane?

Hi, all. And thanks to the developers and patreons for a fantastic tool that already (a couple of months use) has become my favourite thinking buddy in my research.

I’m wondering if there is a way to lengthen the various mentions in the ‘linked mentions’ pane, that is, to see more text from each ‘mention’ as I scroll down. I know you can see more via mouseover, but to me, it would be helpful to have more context per ‘mention’ without having to mouseover etc. Is there a plugin, hidden setting or CSS-hack?

Hi @arneolav, there is a “show more context” button in the pane’s toolbar:


That should expand the context of each entry to show a few more lines in either direction. For any more context than that, the moveover is probably your best option currently.


thanks, yes, I’m aware of this. What I ideally would want is more text per entry in precisely this ‘show more context’ view. But no biggie, I’ll get used to it.

Hi @moderators ,
I was wondering about the exact same thing. I’m currently also using Roam and the ability to see the full text of the block (and sub-blocks) of the linked mentions is really important to me. Any way this will make it into a future release? The current option to “show more context” is unfortunately far less useful.
On that note, I don’t see any additional context on mouse-over on 0.11.5 on my Mac. Is there anything I need to activate?