Possible to Add Link To MP3 File On HD Without Copying To Attachments Folder?

Specifically, I store mp3 audiobooks on my HD. I want to add them to various notes without copying the file to the attachments folder. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance :wink:

What I’m trying to do

Although it’s possible, it’s not that practical I experienced.

What you could do is use Symbolic Links. But it’s … technically taxing.

Hook is useful for easily pasting Markdown links to files and many other things.


Don’t overcomplicate :wink: … Just drag your audio file from the file manager and Ctrl+Drop it into your note!

You’ll get a perfectly encoded file:// link like this:

[AC_DC - Hells Bells](file:///home/matthias/Musik/Tagged/AC_DC/AC_DC%20-%20Family%20Jewels/AC_DC%20-%20Hells%20Bells.mp3)

Upon clicking the link, the system-defined audio player will play it.

Only drawback: This type of link cannot be embedded (using a ! upfront) to get the Obsidian audio player. That only works for files in the vault.

If it’s a folder with many audio files (not too many or Obsidian will lose speed!), @Geffrey’s idea of symlinking might be better.


I honestly did not know you could just drop it as a file link. Crazy. Thanks, Matthias! That’s gonna change up a few things in my vault.


Thanks guys … you ROCK! :wink:

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But beware: File links on your disc might change, and Obsidian will have a bad link then (no auto-updating links outside the vault)!

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(Which is where Hook comes in handy as it produces robust links)

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That CTRL+drop is a game-changer in a lot of different areas for me. Thank you so much!!!

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You might want to select a solution, if it helped, so others know this was solved.

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