Possible Dropbox Support for Obsidian on iOS Devices

Use case or problem

Currently, Obsidian’s Help documentation states that Dropbox isn’t supported for syncing notes on iPhone and iPad:

The following services aren’t supported. If you discover a way to sync your notes on your iOS device using any of these services, let us know on our community channels.

  • Dropbox
  • […]

However, with the latest post from iA Writer noted, Dropbox has now integrated with the Files app on iOS. This makes it theoretically possible to use Dropbox to sync Obsidian notes on iOS devices.

Dropbox finally has a native Files app integration. That means you can now easily use Dropbox with iA Writer across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows. It was worth the wait.

Proposed solution

I propose that the Obsidian development team explores this new integration between Dropbox and the Files app on iOS. Officially supporting Dropbox for synchronization on iOS would provide a seamless and reliable experience for users who rely on Dropbox for cloud storage.

Although Obsidian already offers Obsidian Sync, supporting Dropbox on mobile Apple devices, given its good reputation and large user base, would enhance the user experience and attract new users.

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Dropbox would be covered in the request:


If I’m understanding it correctly, the change means that you should now be able to use Dropbox to sync Obsidian the same way you can use iCloud, without Obsidian needing to make any changes. Be aware, though, that Dropbox isn’t E2EE, so it’s not great for privacy.

I think Obsidian will still need to add an option like it has for iCloud. (Other apps than can already “bookmark” folders thru Files won’t need to do anything.) It may also still require whatever’s needed for the request that ariehen linked, same as it would for iCloud.

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