Possibility for headless syncing with a CLI/daemon

Use case or problem

To make automated backups without the need for a running desktop system, I’d like to use the Obsidian Sync feature headless in a CLI.

Proposed solution

Implement a CLI or provide access to Obsidian Sync API.


This would be amazing — especially if it could be executed from a headless NAS server running Linux. I’m currently relying on the Git plugin and a local repository in the serveron to automate my backups. It works, but is not as good as native obsidian sync.

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Yep, I have a VM (linux) that’s running Obsidian and syncing so that it can run the backup. This is a little “brittle” to get it to restart, etc.

I CLI version would be great!

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Would love this.

I would love to use Obsidian Sync in a non-GUI mode to sync my Vaults to disk for backing up.

I would use a 64 bit Raspberry Pi, running a 64bit OS with no GUI.

This would potentially work well within a Docker container, where the Vault is stored outside of the container on the local filesystem.

Alternatively, if it’s possible to write a separate Sync program, this would also be fine.

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Yes, please! +1²

This is also a half-solution for the gap of not having a web-based version. I could host the files using headless sync and edit them on the remote machine.

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I would love an option like that to keep updated my markdown files on some machines where I don’t open Obsidian (also for performance limitations) very often, but where I can still search and open markdown files with other quick viewers/editors.

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+1000 love this idea :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I would also love to see such a standalone cli for raspberry pi.
Would help in some workflows.

I would also love this… preferably written in golang so as to be easily buildable / portable to different flavors / architectures. Would be a superbe value add for obsidian sync subscribers.


Oh dang, still wanting this :slight_smile:


I keep obsidian running on a pi that runs various text manipulation scripts against the note directory to automatically update / create certain files. I’d love to simplify that process by making Obsidian sync headless


+1 I want this to run on my server to be content for my node app.

The more I read comments above and think about this the more I really want this as it would unlock so many new and exciting workflows. Would be tempted to make a donation to make it happen.

+100, I’m even considering seting up a vm on a server to do this. A headless CLI (that can run on linux would be a great plus) would unlock a lot of options and automations

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+101, I often use neovim to edit some of my markdown (some of my workflows require complex macros that I haven’t ported to Obsidian plugins, not sure it’s worth it at this point as they’re ever-evolving), and I’d love to be able to setup a command hook to force an Obsidian sync when I save from other editors.

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+1 for this.
Could be great to have the sync on the nas directly.
today I’m using syncthings from my desktop

+1 for Raspberry Pi headless - would love to do that. Using Sync already, headless would be wonderful.

+1 I can then setup an email to obsidian feature!

That would be amazing for avoiding to have to open the whole app on startup. It’ll free my window and head space :stuck_out_tongue:

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