Porting YAML data from one template to another

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What I’m trying to do

I take notes on companies (Note Template). Sometimes I’ll take a note on a company I’ve never met before, in which case I want to automatically create a Company Page (Company Template).

My Note Template.md is quite simple:

Entity:: Company1



Into this template, I’ve added code, mostly taken from Trying to create a button that runs a specific templater template - #9 by holroy (thank you holroy !)

const baseFolder = app.vault.getAbstractFileByPath(“Notes”)
const filenameAndFolder = ${tp.date.now("YYYY")}/+
const template = tp.file.find_tfile(“CompanyTemplate”)
await tp.file.create_new(template, filenameAndFolder, false, baseFolder)

This works perfectly in creating a note that is stored in the appropriate folder with the appropriate name.

QUESTION: How can I adjust my code to allow ‘Company1’ to port into the newly created file? Specifically, I’d like to include Company1 into the new file’s (Company Note’s) title [In other words, adjust the const filenameAndFolder line of code].

Things I have tried

I’ve scoured this forum for hours, and have tried numerous ways of including the Entity variable, including ${Entity}, <% Entity %, etc…I’m not a coder so I suspect the fix is relatively easy. Thank you !

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