Pop-up window "sticking" after note open in 0.93

Steps to reproduce

I can’t seem to find the precise controls. Popup window remains displayed after clicking on link which it refers too but occurence seems random. Have tested without custom css and is still occuring.

Expected result

Pop-up window should disappear after clicking link

Actual result

Pop-up window remains displayed when new note opens. Clicking in note outside pop-up does not cause it to disappear. If I hit alt-cmd- <- to go back to previous note then pop-up will disappear.


  • Operating system: macOS Catalina
  • Obsidian version: 0.93

Additional information

Let me know if this problem is solved in 0.9.4

Indeed, I noted the same problem.

  • If you can find a link to a note in the “sticky” pop-up window, you can hover it and display a second window. Now, if you move the pointer away from both windows, they will both be erased.
  • Otherwise, I have to avoid the pop-up window by clicking fast enough, before it appears.

(Version 0.9.3. Haven’t seen 0.9.4 yet)

Well - it is sort of solved in 0.9.4…Happens much less often, I’ve only gotten it to reproduce a couple of times and the “hanging pop-up” disappears after several seconds rather than persisting until I go back to the previous note.

In general 0.9.4 seems much faster in responsiveness but the pop-ups seem a bit laggy in disappearing even when they are in their proper window.

If you have reliable repro steps, open a new bug report.

Will continue to try to reproduce - not having much luck. In 10 minutes of aggressively moving around I’ve only got it to happen twice. Both times I could not reproduce trying the exact same sequence. Always happens when the pop-up is to lower right of link and might be happening only when the pop-up is displayed across the note boundary? But even there I can’t reproduce it so there is something I’m not catching that sets it up. All the links it has happened on in 0.9.4 have been aliased (meaning [[Actual link|displayed text]] type links)