Pomodoro timer integration with obsidian and process that timing data, is that possible?

What I’m trying to do

This is my directory structure.

Here’s the flow.
I open 2024-03-11 note.
It consists of a timer with an option to select what I am studying at that moment Example: I’m studying Linux, or Kubernetes or learning to blog in Hugo or learning Docker. There will be few specific subjects that I will be learning and I want the timer to grab that data from Goals/* directory so that automation is possible.

I put the timer on. Say, the timer worked for 45 minutes, now I want the time to be counted.

The time 45 minute now goes for processing.

There will be a dashboard for every week where I’ll compare my weekly goals are achieved or not.

Say I planned to learn Linux for 5 hours per week. Now, say I studied Linux for only 2 hours that entire week. Thus, my progress bar will be 2/5*100%=40%

This is the automation I’m trying to achieve in obsidian. Is it feasible? Can you guide me?

Things I have tried

I’m not sure if any of the “Pomodoro” related plugins might be of any assistance to you? But there are a few of those, so maybe one of them could do the trick?

After a quick glance through, maybe the Pomodoro Timer could be one for you, as it seems to have some Daily notes integration stuff and thusly tracking of time spent on a given category.