Pomodoro Plugin

Hello. I don’t know if it’s useful for everybody, but for me it’s really important for my workflow. I would like to ask a pomodoro timer plugin. So if one needs that it’s there to be used. Thanks very much for this space to share ideas.


How would that work? Why should we have it in obsidian and not use one of dozens of apps that do exactly this?

  1. Just a plugin like Zettlr has built in. 2. If we got one inside the app it would diminish the time to open another app for something. And the integration would be diferent.
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I guess it’s fair to be a custom plugin.

It’s probably most valuable if your only/main tool of work is the text editor. If (like in my case) text editor is only small part of the workflow then this is probably less important since I can just start another app for that.

For the Mac there are many free Pomodoro apps available in the App store.

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++ I keep tasks in my notes and it would be helpful to either have this or a simple timer as well with a start/stop button. I know this functionality is elsewhere but I’m switching to this plaintext system so that I don’t have to switch between so many apps. If I have a task or project I’m tracking it would be nice to track the time without switching. Touchstones would be FoldingText which is what I currently use for this feature.


One benefit of a pomodoro mode in Obsidian is that it can automatically include some logging into your daily note (or wherever you want), eg. the org-mode clock in/clock out and org-pomodoro feature.



I agree we can use pomodoro in external apps, but if we have this built into obsidian, it reduces the friction a lot.

seeing our daily pomodoro session numbers will encourage me to break my own record every day.


Please, let’s let Obsidian focus on its core features - notes, links, graphs, markdown formatting, aliases, search, and soon sync and publish - rather than on additional features that already exist in dedicated apps which do a great and specialized job of it. There are no pomodoro timers in Word nor Chrome because it’s not their job as apps…


+1 yeah, i don’t get the resistance to this-- as a plugin, it wouldn’t interfere or bloat any core functionality whatsoever, and doesn’t seem that complicated

cannot lie! roam’s little /pomo thing is a giant quality of life enhancement that was hard to leave! agree with above that potentially having the timer be inline allows a very easy, regular way to chart daily work.

(i use an iframe that has pomodor.app in it and is dropped into my right sidebar-- it works great, but a solution from within obisidian would just be a cleaner experience imo)


+1 - Save the pomodoro count like #pomo-1 or the time worked on the note/task like #25m or #1h.

+1 This is a dope idea for a plugin!

+74,000. I also don’t get the resistance to this. Vivaldi has a timer when you click the clock. I happen (and I guess many others as well) to execute many of my daily tasks in Obsidian.

I can easily embed an iframe pomo timer, sure - but the one’s I have found take up a lot of real estate. Have a tiny clock in the corner and clicking on it to start a timer would be very useful for those of us that track and execute our tasks in Obsidian - I even tie these tasks to Imdone which is slowly integrating into Obsidian. Here is the Vivaldi clock/timer:


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Seems like a pomodoro timer could be elegantly added to obsidian. That way you could get some kind of indication when the time is up. As an add-on it doesn’t take away from the core function.

Had me thinking of this simple to-do app called Go For It

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If anyone is still following this thread, I recently released a pomodoro plugin. It includes logging to either a special log note or your daily note as @memex mentioned.

There’s also this plugin by @tokuhirom, which displays the timer in a side view instead of the status bar.

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