Point A to Point B search on the Graph View: A "six-degrees of X" type search with a start and endpoint

Use case or problem

When I’m using my Obsidian notes to write something new I will look at the Graph View, mouse-over the node of the idea I want to start with, follow lines to other nodes, and think about how these related ideas could be strung together in prose until I reach an endpoint. This can be a bit disorienting and it’s easy to get lost on the graph.

Proposed solution

It would be amazing if I could run a search of some kind that let me specify where I want to start on the graph and where I want to end on the graph. Then the result could show me the line of notes that take me from Point A to Point B. Like a Google Maps of my second brain. This would be an absolute game-changer. I could then include each note between Point A and Point B when I write.

Current workaround

My only workaround right now is not very clever. I just hover my mouse over each node in the Graph View and navigate around like a maze. I often have a vague idea of where I might end, but it’s often just exploratory.

Maybe this is a feature that already exists and I just know how to search the Graph View properly? If so, I’m happy to be educated.

Thanks for your consideration.

This already exists in plugin form!

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Check out the Obsidian Journey plugin. It might do exactly what you’re looking for:


Beautiful! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction! I will check out the plugin!

Edit: Tried out Journey–it’s EXACTLY what I had in mind. Absolutely stunning. It feels like cheating at thinking. What an amazing community. Thank you!

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