PodNotes plugin: podcast & audio note-writing assistant


You can find the documentation here.

The one goal for PodNotes is to make it easier to write notes on podcasts.

Here are the features that will help you do that :point_down:.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Podcast player built into Obsidian
  • Add any publicly available podcast through search, or custom feeds by URL
  • Track played episodes & playback progress
  • Create podcast notes from templates with metadata about episodes
  • Capture timestamps & link directly to the time in the episode
  • Download episodes for offline playback
  • Support for non-podcast local audio files
  • API that can be used by plugins like QuickAdd or Templater for custom workflows


This plugin is in the Obsidian community plugin store. You can find it by searching in the store.

Other installation options can be found in the documentation.


Kudos to you. This is fantastic. A full blown podcast player in Obsidian.

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This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it. One question I have: is it possible to get the local file name for the timestamp template? (I’m mostly using this for local files, not podcasts). I’m hoping to integrate this with Media Player extended. With that plugin, if I have a timestamp in this form, I can click the timestamp link and the player will load up at that time (maybe this could also be a useful feature of PodNotes?):

[[filename.m4a#t=1:15:51|🔈]] (the alias and speaker are just my own flourish for the form, the key is the filename with the hash and timestamp)

(submitted this as issue on GitHub repo: FR: timestamp as link to play at that time · Issue #29 · chhoumann/PodNotes · GitHub)

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This is supposedly mobile friendly but I can’t seem to pull this up at all in mobile. How do I pull up the player in mobile?

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I’m having the same issue. (I’m using Graphene on a pixel 6 as my OS). Anyone have any luck pulling up the player on Android? I tap menu and then “Play with PodNotes”, but nothing happens.

I was able to access the player on my iPhone. The tray is hidden on the right side, so swipe the screen from the right: moving your finger/thumb on the screen from the right side of the screen to the left.

Thanks Tyler! I found it! I swear Iooked in the right swipe menu before, but didn’t see it. I think I was in the backlinks menu and just needed to back out.

In any case, unfortunately it looks like it still won’t really work for me as I can’t control it with my headset (Soundcore or Samsung buds). I usually use them to pause and rewind in apps like Podcast Addict, Audible, etc, but I can’t get them to interact with PodNotes at all. (Ideally, I’d be able to pause, rewind, and record a timestamp and/or 10 sec snippet and audio or tts note of a part I’m interested in.)

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Isn’t there a volume slider?