Pocket -> Obsidian exporter with highlights included!

I’m open sourcing all my productivity utilities, and I built a Pocket -> Obsidian exporter that also includes highlights. It adds the notes to the daily notes file based on the day you archived the article in Pocket. You can find the source code here: https://github.com/FanaHOVA/fana-os/blob/main/lib/fana_os/pocket_utils.rb

Would love any feedback! This is a WIP so there’s more to come to it. This is an example output:

**[The Opportunity and Risks for Consumer Startups in a Social Distancing World — A Framework for…](https://medium.com/@sarahtavel/the-opportunity-and-risks-for-consumer-startups-in-a-social-distancing-world-a-framework-for-15f65e2fbdff)**
*By Sarah Tavel*
- Some rocks (such as TV) are easier to fit in because they are porous rocks, making multi-tasking easier (like scanning Twitter during slow parts of a show).
- Water is different than rocks and sand. Water don’t require dominant attention and can permeate some rocks and all sand time.* For example, something like Discord is a perfect water for a gaming rock.
- Events that span bigger blocks of contiguous time (“Rocks”), micro events that take advantage of attention gaps between or during those blocks (“Sand”), and things that can overlay over the other two (“Water”).

Thank for your contribution.

Do you plan to make it an Obsidian plugin ?


This looks awesome, I haven’t tried it yet but I have an absolute truckload of stuff in pocket (they sent me a mail saying I am one of their top readers), it would be great to graph it in obsidian.

Please make an Obsidian plugin.



I am also a Pocket user and curious about how you extract the highlights from Pocket?

How do you go about using this? I don’t know much about Ruby yet.

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I’m interested as well, and I don’t know sh* about ruby …

For the moment, I’ go from Pocket to Readwise, and from Readwise to Obsidian.

But Readwise truncates my highlight showing only what their AI (??) believe is important in each highlight. SO I don’t get the whole stuff in Obisidian …

Can someone explain how to use this? For what I understand, this can solve my only problem with the pocket community plugin, the lack of highlight support, but I have no idea how to run this

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Yes Please tell me how to install this. Cuz I’m a newbie to github and programming in general.