PNG not found

I need help, as a matter of order I put all the images I had in a folder called reference, because the new attachments were still configured by default in the root of the vault, so I moved all the images that were in the root of the vault to that folder, then to no longer accumulate files in the same root, configure the location so that they go to the specific references folder that I mentioned before, but the problem is that all the images that I moved do not appear and only an ad appears that mentions that the image cannot be found. I tried to remove the images from the reference folder to the root but they still did not appear. What could I do in this case?

I was able to fix it, for some reason when the files are transferred from the root to the references folder, numbers 1 were added, I had to delete those numbers so that the system can detect the files, I have no idea how this happened

That’s strange. When numbers are added to a filename, that usually means there was already a file with that name in the folder.

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