PNG Images not loading in imported notes

What I’m trying to do

Migrating from Evernote and trying to get my PNG images to load in my Obsidian notes.

Exported ENEX files from Evernote
Converted in Yarle
One image is loading, but the other 80 or so are not
Have confirmed that the referencesd image files are indeed in the Assets folder

I feel like there is something simple that I am missing but I want to make sure that I have this sorted before I go and transfer a few hundred notes.

Things I have tried

Have dragged the same images that will not load into new notes and they load fine. This is what the image tag looks like:

* ![[../Assets/image.393.png]] 

The * is because the image is in an outline coming over from Evernote, but even when I delete it, the image still will not load.

I am on a Mac running the latest Obsidian + Yarle + Evernote on Sonoma 14.0 if that matters.

If Assets is a folder in the top level of your vault, then try removing the ../ part in front of the link. Obsidian references files by filename, and will use relative paths only if needed for disambiguation. In other words, there is no concept of a “current directory” of a note. Thus, a reference as ../, which stands for the parent directory will not work.

[Edit] Indeed, Obsidian does not care about a preceeding ../.

I think there is a syntax the surrounding text. It’s being interpreted as code. That whole part not just the link to image

This is maddening.

OK when I delete the other text around the link the image loads or does not, randomly. Also, several other images in the same note decide to load as well with nothing done to those particular links. A very frustrating start with Obsidian I have to say. It’s hard to trust something that will not load images that are sitting right there and can be loaded in the same note by dragging or even copying and pasting the link that doesn’t work in one place, but does when pasted…

It’s not random. They are not loading because you are using the syntax for codeblock, likely some indentation looking at your screenshot.

So when I delete the indents in front of one image link and then 3-4 other images throughout the document that have not been touched load, you would not call that random? I will add that this behavior is not predictably repeatable. Sometimes I delete the formatting around the link and the image does not load either…

It depends on how the document is formatted to determine where the codeblock begins and ends.

I am not sure there is a bug in Obsidian here, or it’s simply a matter of how markdown works. You can attach the document and i can take a look. It’s possible that the conversion program you used didn’t do a good job.

Fair enough.

Any recommendations on something that will convert ENEX files to markdown that will result in less blowing chunks? I have lots of notes formatted as outlines / bullet points because that’s how I take notes. It seems like this is not ideal for Obsidian, but I can deal with that going forward.

In the interim, I am just going to get as many notes exported as PDFs as possible and then move on. I don’t want to spend the next week or whatever fighting it. Life is too short, and I want to be out of Evernote before they try to charge me another $130 or whatever in a week.

Thanks for your help.

You could try the official Evernote to Obsidian Import:

I think Yarle works well here, the problem looks like that the converted note is being interpreted as a codeblock firstly, and therefore within the block Obsidian does not render the image.

Any idea how to get around that (I.e. how to avoid it thinking I have a code block)? I just finished importing all of my notes and this issue is everywhere that I can see so far.

Again, I would need to see both the original document and the converted version to see if there is a problem in the conversion process or in obsidian’s parser.

Looking at your screenshot, it seems like your first level list items are idented with a tab (and they shouldn’t be). -%20list%20item %23%20heading -%20this%20is%20code%20not%20a%20list%20item