Png images do not show anymore

Hello everybody,

since I got a new PC yesterday, now after installing obsidian all my png. files are not shown in the program anymore and I can’t figure out why… when I right-click on them and open them by “default program” then it is no problem…

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

So actually now I tried to paste a jpg file into obsidian and it is also not not shown by the program… neither when I go to the view mode or try to print it as pdf…
I tried to deinstall and reinstall, also to upload some plug-ins, but still it does not work :confused:

Are you perhaps using a cloud sync service like DropBox? It looks to me like when I have a DropBox vault where the files are cloud-only. I have to set the vault directory to “keep local” in order for the files to be visible to Obsidian.

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Wow thank you so much!! Yes I was using a cloud service - but because I used the same folder as on my old PC, I did not realize that this could be a problem… Now it is working again, thank you very much!!!

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