Plugins - quality check

Use case or problem

Everyone’s needs are different, so we have to install some plugins, but these could be outdated, hence cause minor or major data loss, because their older code terminology
might conflict with newer releases of Obsidian.

We need some kind of product quality check

Proposed solution

All plugins should be automatically color tagged with the version number of Obsidian on it (to which version the plugin was originally developed for)
Colors can range from blue, green to yellow, orange, red (blue best, red the worst)

the download manager of Obsidian should auto assign a relevant color tag with time stamp/ suggested Obsidian version to each new / updated plugin

I don’t wanna judge anyone, older plugins can work perfectly, it depends what the plugin does
This suggestion applies to every app supporting plugins, and plugins usually are always a patch and crafting thing, including Obsidian as well.

Current workaround (optional)

Test older Plugins on a test vault