Plugins no longer found on iOS

After updating the iOS app, none of my community plugins are recognised anymore. I’m syncing through github and all of the folders are still there. I don’t get any errors either. In the settings it simply says “You currently have 0 plugins installed.”

If I redownload the plugins on the iOS app, then it overwrites the existing files for that plugin (nothing new, only modified files in git). What is happening and how do I get them back?

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At first, I was going to warn about something (unique ID of Obsidian Documents folder changing on each update), but it doesn’t apply here, for two reasons. One needs to be mindful of that only if you do git on JB’n device (with Shortcuts and Newterm2). Second: your case has nothing to do with how you sync.

So my questions:

  1. Did you go into Settings > About and overrode the config folder?
  2. Did you use a custom config folder (.mobile for iOS, for instance) and somehow iOS forgot about it and had you figured for an .obsidian folder guy?
  • In that case, relaunch with the custom folder name.
  1. What does your git status (or lg2 status) say on dot folders? Do you use a terminal at all?

I’ve double checked settings and the config folder hasn’t been changed.
I’m using a-shell, lg2 status is showing “modified” for the .obsidian/plugins/… when I reinstall them on the iPad. Nothing new is created.

That’s strange. Well, then. I can recommend this. Play around a bit; install Taio app (which lets you see and enter hidden folders as well), add the Obsidian vault folder. Then make a new vault in Obsidian. Leave it empty. Close Obsidian. Go back to Taio and add this new empty Obsidian vault folder as well. Then copy your contents except for the .git folder from the old vault into the new one and see what happens. If it works, copy the .git folder as well (then you can delete the original vault), and in A-Shell you’ll need to pickFolder the new location to bookmark it.

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