Plugins : No Angle Brackets Plugin

No Angle Brackets Plugin

The No Angle Brackets Plugin is a powerful tool for Obsidian that allows you to easily wrap angle brackets (<>) with backticks (`) in your Markdown text, while excluding code blocks. With a simple button click, you can toggle the backticks around the angle brackets, making it convenient to format your text.


  • Wrap angle brackets (<>) with backticks (`) in your Markdown text
  • Exclude code blocks from the wrapping process
  • Toggle the backticks with a simple button click or command
  • Customize the plugin settings through the settings tab


  1. Select the text containing angle brackets that you want to wrap with backticks.
  2. Click the “Toggle Angle Brackets” button in the ribbon or use the command from the command palette.
  3. The angle brackets outside of code blocks will be wrapped with backticks.
  4. To remove the backticks, select the text again and click the button or use the command.


  1. Clone the repository to your local machine.
  2. Navigate to the obsidian-noanglebrackets folder in your terminal.
  3. Run npm install to install the necessary dependencies.
  4. Run npm run build to compile the TypeScript code into JavaScript.
  5. Copy the obsidian-noanglebrackets folder to your Obsidian plugins folder (usually located at <vault>/.obsidian/plugins/).
  6. Reload Obsidian or restart the application.
  7. Enable the “No Angle Brackets” plugin in the Obsidian settings.