Plugins aren't being recognized/loaded


  • Operating system: windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

obsidian is no longer recognizing/loading most of my plugins despite being downloaded and existing in community-plugins.json file. i have about 25 plugins installed, yet when i open my vault only 9 are showing up. it is like the rest just don’t exist.

i recently bought the sync service and am having a hell of a time with getting the configuration setup to sync on mobile. content syncs, but theme, plugins, snippets aren’t working at all. are the two issues related? this is getting frustrating.

You installed these plugins from the plugin gallery? Or manually?

from the gallery on the laptop and then copied the .obsidian folder to make a new profile.

i can switch between profiles on the laptop and everything works fine, everything is there.

on the ipad, neither profile works. i can 't set up themes or see plugins, even with the default .obsidian folder. it is like the mobile version is ignoring those folders completely. definitely has me stumped.

That’s odd. Different tactic, then: have you tried using the Sync config settings to enable syncing plugins? It’s in Preferences→Sync.

progress…i think.

the .obsidian folder and all content somehow became read-only when copied over. turned off read-only and now the themes show up. plugins aren’t working yet. think i will have to go through obsidian mobile and install all the plugins individually.

The preferences→sync configs for plugins work well, too!

You may need to do it with your main profile enabled, and then create your mobile profile on your mobile devices.

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