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Hello everyone ! I recently discovered obsidian, I see the community is very active! The tool looks great but I have a problem … I am dyslexic and I need a powerful spell checker. I am one who is compatible with Microsoft’s “Words” which is called “antidote” of the company “druide”. But I contact that they are not compatibility with obsidian … someone to guide me and create a compatibility plugins between the two software (antidote and obsidian) ? I don’t know much about plugins reaction … thank you very much for your answers!

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I’ll be right back with more info! to help with the creation of the plugins.

This is what i know ! antidote is compatible with Markdown text (that’s what they say on their site. You can download a trial version of 30J at Then what I’m looking for is not necessarily a perfect integration as in “word” but more like a thing in the attached video (1), Highlight the text and then right click to get to a drop-down menu and be able to click on "antidote corrector ”… which opens the antidote software with the underlined text. once the text corrects in antidote I close it and the corrected text appears in the text on the obsidian software. Don’t hesitate to ask me more questions!


The look of Antidote reminds me of LanguageTool(
There is a plugin for it which works like the browser version.
Also, LanguageTool is free and does not require a registration if you don’t need their premium features.

But also from what I can see on the page getting Antidote support in obsidian should not be too complicated.(Developer Tools | for anyone who wants to work on it)

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