Plugin: use LaTeX style pseudocode right in your Obsidian note!

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce the release of my new Obsidian plugin! You can check it out here.

It allows you to render LaTeX-style pseudocode inside a code block. The plugin is based on the pseudocode.js library and supports intuitive grammar and print quality. You can even insert math formulas in the pseudocode with ease. Plus, it comes with syntax highlighting (under construction) and auto-completion inside the code blocks. You can download the latest release from the releases page.

I am still waiting for my request to add this plugin to the official community plugins. I hope you can try it out, and if there are any issues, I will do my best to assist you.

Hope you like it! :smiley:

Here is an example:

      \PROCEDURE{Quicksort}{$A, p, r$}
        \IF{$p < r$}
          \STATE $q = $ \CALL{Partition}{$A, p, r$}
          \STATE \CALL{Quicksort}{$A, p, q - 1$}
          \STATE \CALL{Quicksort}{$A, q + 1, r$}
      \PROCEDURE{Partition}{$A, p, r$}
        \STATE $x = A[r]$
        \STATE $i = p - 1$
        \FOR{$j = p$ \TO $r - 1$}
          \IF{$A[j] < x$}
            \STATE $i = i + 1$
            \STATE exchange
            $A[i]$ with $A[j]$
        \STATE exchange $A[i]$ with $A[r]$

This will be rendered as:

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The plugin now supports auto-completion. Please try it out.