Plugin update problem

I have noticed a problem.

in the settings for the plugins of the community i have the problem that i am shown a more recent plugin than the one that is installed…

I see plugin XY is installed for example version 6.0.5 (currently installed 5.3.2).

but i can’t update and nothing happens…

is this a bug?
or do i have an incorrect setting somewhere?

It may not be a bug, one of the reasons is because your obsidian version is lower than the minimum obsidian version required by the plugin. Therefore, obsidian refused to update to avoid incompatibility

ok, thanks for the information.

it’s strange, i have the current version v0.15.9
installer version is v0.15.9

i don’t understand it…

What plugin are you using?

Some developers are using the insider version to make update to the plugin (v0.16.3), you can check the minimum version via manifest.json in the github repo of the plugin


Edit: Wait, I think this is exactly the plugin you are facing the issue on, what a coincidence :joy:

You have the latest version of plugins your Obsidian version supports. There’s no problem here.

Sliding pane is 3.4
i have 3.3 i can not update it
minimal theme settings is 6.0.5
i have 5.3.2 can´t updated

You have the latest version of plugins your Obsidian version supports.

then it is probably due to the plugins that display a faulty version…

I think

best regards

The plugins are NOT faulty. The newer versions of the plugins work with the newer version of Obsidian (which you don’t have because you are not using the newer insider build 0.16.3)

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