[Plugin] TODOs board

We can have several - [ ] TODOs In our vault.

This plugin generates a Board with all the available TODOs in the vault, similar to what code editors do.


This would be really useful.

Would it look like a trello board? Changing Tasks between sections like, TODO, DOING, DONE. Or do you have some thing else in mind?

Would it be something that is rendered in preview mode?

You could star the searches that find these keywords or tags, maybe?

Statuses might be a bit tricky if you want to do something else than TODO and DONE. Maybe with tags, but I don’t see any other way of doing this

I’m assuming there is no standard markdown syntax for something like this?

It would be super useful.
Currently, I search for tags and copy them as a list and past in a file called Dashboard :smiley:
If all these things are automated, it would be really nice!

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I don’t know, I’m just throwing in an idea for discussion :slight_smile:

I though about a window very similar to the ‘Search window’ That shows all open TODOs. When you click on them you jump to the source in the Note.

I just saw someone that does it like this:

# To Do
- Eat healthy food
- Exercise regularly
- Learn sign language

# In Progress
- Drink too much

# Done
- Regret my decisions
- Age too quickly


It looks sensible, but I’m a little concerned about HTML comments parsing. This is incompatible with HTML5.2 standard, because it’ll be displayed comment, but it might be ok with a bit different syntax

I think Code Highlighting is a better choice, indicating the (not yet found) kanban syntax

` ``kanban

  • The kanban syntax *

` ``

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I think this could work. One further step towards making obsidian the ultimate tool.

I would love to work on something like this.

It would essentially be trello in an obsidian note. Eccept instead of the information being stored on their servers, it’s stored as markdown.

So I think quite a big project.

It seems someone is working in a related plugin: https://github.com/DahaWong/obsidian-completed-area

I just found a simple way to find open ‘Todos’. Just using the expression


/- \[ \]/  

in the search box :slight_smile:

Or you can avoid regular expressions and use a quoted string:

"- [ ]"

Mind you, I prefer regular expressions as once you’ve got your head around them they’re muchly useful

[sorry for going off topic]

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I just found out that comments in this markdown take out the escapes :slight_smile:

Lol - pretty sure that’s happened to me before too!

There is a related plugin being planned here: https://github.com/tgrosinger/slated-obsidian/discussions/4

It this similar to what https://imdone.io/ does?

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