Plugin: Todoist project sync

I’ve been playing around with a small plugin.

This plugin pulls project inforation from Todoist, and creates a note for each project, in a tree structure.

  • when a project is delete in Todoist, the corrosponding note is archived.
  • if a project is restored, the corrosponding note is restored from the archive.
  • if a project is moved or renamed, the corrosponding note and sub-notes are moved and renamed.

under settings, you can define which folder the todoist notes should be created in, and you can define a template for how newly created notes should look. By default, the newly created notes contains a link to the project in Todoist, and the code to show todos for the current project, assuming you have the Todoist Plugin installed.

It is recommended that you also install the Folder Note plugin - if you don’t you will have both folders and notes for any project that has sub-projects.

A short demo-video can be seen here:

I’m posting to find out if there is any interest in such a plugin, and if there is, to maybe recruit beta-testers :slight_smile:

I have created this for my own use, and it does create, rename and move notes, so use it at your own risk :face_with_spiral_eyes:

the code is at GitHub - stuporfly/ObsidianTodoistProjects

a zip that you copy to your plugin folder can be downloaded here:

Any comments or feedback is welcome!

Thanks, Jonas