Plugin to upload attachment to S3 and insert link?

In an effort to keep my vault small and minimize image link rot, I try to use links to images I store in an S3 bucket. Right now though it’s kind of a weird workflow to upload the image and get the URL back to paste into Obsidian.

Is there a plugin or another script that can watch a folder for a new file, upload the file to S3, return the URL (ideally reformatting it into a Markdown link), and then delete the uploaded file?


Not exactly S3, but I think this imgur community plugin probably has the workflow you’re aiming for?

When you paste an image to a note on Obsidian, will automatically upload it to your imgur account, and put the markdown-ready embeddable link directly don’t on the note.

Another solution using PicGo. You can upload pictures to a (private) Github repo using PicGo, which someone may prefer over imgur.

It would be awesome to have a plugin like this because I would use it with Storj: awesome, simple, decentralized, free (for 3x buckets of 150GB each), open source. What could be better?

It’s indeed technically possible, and actually I think it’s not hard. But there is one issue: if you want to use the images on s3, it’s likely that you have make the media link or the bucket public, instead of private. It might introduce extra risks like the file links being leaked and cost more money.

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In my case, I only add public images. Nevertheless, I think that the user, while configuring the plugin, can specify in its settings the privacy criteria

the point is, to correctly render the image inside markdown, the link to the image has to be public, because the image is rendered directly by (the browser engine behind) Obsidian.

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I am no AWS expert, but cannot be the image followed by a unique viewkey in the case it is private?

for private objects, users can generate the presigned urls expiring in a week