Plugin to upload attachment to S3 and insert link?

In an effort to keep my vault small and minimize image link rot, I try to use links to images I store in an S3 bucket. Right now though it’s kind of a weird workflow to upload the image and get the URL back to paste into Obsidian.

Is there a plugin or another script that can watch a folder for a new file, upload the file to S3, return the URL (ideally reformatting it into a Markdown link), and then delete the uploaded file?

Not exactly S3, but I think this imgur community plugin probably has the workflow you’re aiming for?

When you paste an image to a note on Obsidian, will automatically upload it to your imgur account, and put the markdown-ready embeddable link directly don’t on the note.

Another solution using PicGo. You can upload pictures to a (private) Github repo using PicGo, which someone may prefer over imgur.