Plugin to See and Search Subfolders from Parent Folder?

Not sure if this is help or not. I am looking for help, but more help in figuring out what I’m looking for and then does it exist. When you’re not sure what to call it, it’s harder to search for an answer.

I was wondering if there is a way in Obsidian, either natively or through a plugin, to have subfolder notes also appear in the parent folders. So if I have parent folder A and subfolder b and subfolder c under A, when I click on A I’ll also see all the notes in those subfolders. Kind of like what Obsidian does with Tags and SubTags. I can click on the parent tag and see everything with just that and with the subtags below it but then I can also dive deeper into the subtags if I’d want.

Zotero has this option of including subcollection items in the parent collection. Thanks!

I know what you mean – when I read the bit about Zotero.
The community plugin has a way of letting you put your files in various folders (called spaces). That’s going to be manual work, like in Zotero.

I don’t know about the capabilities of the new core Bookmarks feature of Obsidian, because the public release is not out yet.

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